Liquid Calories: Do Smoothies Lead to Weight Gain?

If our body doesn’t register liquid calories as well, do smoothies inhibit weight loss? And why are blended soups more satiating than the same ingredients eaten in solid form?

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I love the detective story ones! I can imagine videos like this being frustrating for those who just want me to cut to the chase—should I drink smoothies or not? But I don’t want you to ever do anything because I or anyone else just told you so. That’s the problem with the field of nutrition. Everyone seems to listen to their respective gurus who can sometimes just make pronouncements from on high without explaining their reasoning. Can you imagine that flying in any other field of science? It’s not what he said or she said; it’s that the best available balance of evidence bears out. Two plus two equals four no matter what your favorite mathematician says.

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Image Credit: Skitterphoto via Pixabay.
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