The Ugly Truth About Self-Discipline for Weight Loss

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Your discipline and willpower are less important than you might think:
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For a lot of us, when we think about long-term goals like weight loss, we think about the importance of discipline. The discipline to stick to your diet, the discipline to get the workouts done, we look towards discipline and willpower as our primary drive towards fat loss success.

But what if I told you that it’s really not as important as you might think? What if I told you that the biggest secret behind your weight loss success has absolutely nothing to do with your willpower, and, in fact, relying on discipline alone is actually a recipe for failure?

Because when it comes to losing weight and getting healthier, you have TWO (2) Primary Tools that you can rely on.

Tool #1: Raw Discipline

Tool #2: Strategic Planning

You can choose to rely on discipline… and “bet” on the fact that you’ll buy the salad for lunch instead of the burger.

OR… you can choose strategic planning and prepare healthy food ahead of time.

You can choose discipline and bet on the fact that you’ll “feel motivated” to exercise after work.

OR… you can choose strategic planning, pre-pack your gym clothes, and tell your friend you’ll text him an accountability picture after your workout.

See, we don’t have to put ourselves through these constant mental battles with our willpower to make the necessary steps each day to keep moving forward. If you use strategic planning to set things up ahead of time, we can eliminate all those mental battles each day and just get things done. And in this short video, I’m going to share with you some simple ways to incorporate strategic planning into your weight loss goal and make things a little easier.

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